Your Brain On Ayahuasca: The Hallucinogenic Drug

When Ivonne sees the pictures or codes in their unmanifest structure with her inward brain, she asks,” what does this code or picture do to me?” She feels them. She comprehends them in a recurrence state. After inclination the recurrence, she draws the picture or code on paper or paints them. She continues to utilize a Tesla Coil Machine to record her voice while asking and reciting while the Tesla machine is associated with her PC. Programming programs on her PC permit her to finish a code with explicit hues, extents, numerology, words, and her chronicle. She names the particular Code of AH™ as indicated by its motivation, which may be a dread evacuation, body dysmorphic mending, or opening clears channels for budgetary appearance.

What Is Ayahuasca?

Ivonne Delaflor says that the Codes of AH™ make congruity, an association with nature, consecrated medication mending, and unbounded celestial insight. The agreement is another word for the accord, which was appeared to me in the ayahuasca dreams in Peru. I accept the Codes of AH™ make an association with divine love, which is our inheritance to encounter yet is hard to show as we live on a restricted flexibly in a fallen state.

We are fallen distinctly as in we separated from Source as our parent to associate with another quick parent called a Soul and Monad. It’s a type of movement that we experience life to lifetime and time grid to time network.

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