Professor Dana Dabelea

Dr. Dabelea’s main research interest is the understanding of how early life risk factors, such as exposure to maternal diabetes and obesity during intrauterine life, other environmental exposures and behavioral factors influence the development of childhood obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. She is the Colorado site PI and the national study co-chair for the multi-center “SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study”, a study conducting population-based ascertainment of diabetes in youth, which also has a longitudinal component. She is also the PI of the EPOCH study, exploring the long-term effects of exposure to diabetes in utero and the PI of Healthy Start, a pre-birth cohort study of 1410 mother-child dyads, which explores the hypothesis that maternal obesity programs offspring growth, fatness and metabolism. These studies provide an exceptionally rich resource for training and mentoring students, junior faculty, residents and fellows in clinical diabetes research, lifecourse, perinatal and pediatric epidemiology.