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CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHER Darwin’s tips for photography assistants in no particular order.

1. Golden rule. When working for another photographer be on time all the time.
Golden rule. Don’t ever steal the photographers clients.
Golden rule. Don’t lie about your ability for example your photoshop skills.
Don’t ask for a position with another photographer if your work is better than his or hers.
5. Consider your comments before speaking in front of the photographers client.
6. Golden rule. Don’t leave a bag full of expensive equipment unattended.
7. Anticapate the photographers needs ie Learn to think ahead.


Booking a wedding photographer?

It is common for Darwin Photographers and throughout the UK to be fully booked 12 months in advance of your wedding. A photographers availability will change on a daily basis. If you want to book a wedding photographer, don’t wait to long to do it.

A wedding photographer blowing off some steam!

There are too many photographers with the wrong attitude towards wedding photography. like any other form of art and business wedding photography should be taken seriously and a high standard of service should always be the number one focus.

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