Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation is the application of large scale graphics to bring people and groups towards a specific objective. The technique is often used in different organizational activities including workshops, conferences, meetings and seminars. A graphic facilitator runs this visual communication technique on a large scale. He can use computer software packages for it or use his own methodology of conveying the message. Most often, he composes the graphic presentation using computer software packages like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and so on. He may also convey it through his voice or by his picture-making skills.

Graphic Facilitation

The concept of this technique is very simple: it consists of different ways of taking visual visuals and converting them into actual live events in the form of text documents. We can take visuals capture in the form of live videos or still photos. This still photos and video capture can be easily transferred into a document format in the form of hand-written notes, emails and other multimedia communications. In this way, graphic facilitation consists of the conversion of visuals into written forms.

Another way in which this technique can be applied in an organization is by developing “audio notes”. Audio notes are extracts from the actual audio streams of conference calls. These extracts can be easily converted into written forms. A graphic facilitation company will do this job for you or if you prefer, you can do it yourself. There are many websites on the Internet which offer online graphic facilitation services. The most important advantage of this service is that it allows you to capture, review and edit real-time visuals and audio streams, while saving the files in the remote site itself.

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