Good Landscape design melbourne

When it comes to maintaining a green, healthy lawn for the summer, a homeowner in a warm place like Charlotte can benefit from employing the following landscape care strategies:

Good Landscape design melbourne

If you’re looking to maintain a truly vibrant lawn, then it will need a good soaking every three or four days in the summertime.

Test your lawn’s soil before watering.

To avoid overwatering your lawn, test the soil between two and six inches below your grass and plants. If the soil is still moist, then wait to water your plants. If it is dry, water your grass in fifteen or twenty minute increments, testing the soil between each one. You never want soil deeper than six inches below ground level to dry out.

Water your lawn early in the morning.

In the summer, it is important to water your lawn as early as you can. Since mornings are typically cooler and oftentimes more humid than mid-day, less water will evaporate and the soil will better be able to absorb. Watering in the morning is also more efficient than watering later in the day. This is when water pressure is highest.

Use water effectively.

You can monitor rainfall levels and try to work in tandem with nature to keep your lawn luscious and green. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of rainfall in the summertime, then you may only have to water your lawn after it has not rained in a few days.

Install a lawn irrigation system.

Conserve water and avoid under or overwatering your lawn by commissioning a landscape design service to install an automatic irrigation system in your yard.


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