Garden Sculptures – A Focus For A Garden

Garden sculptures are one of the most important symbols of any culture. Their importance can be seen from their frequent inclusion in many of the artworks that have been created for centuries. The most popular garden sculptures in the early modern world were simple domestic garden sculptures and religious gardens. Sculpture of both kings and deities were often placed in the church compound, and also in sacred gardens and shrines. In time though, these gardens were also used as a place to relax after a long day and escape the rigors of daily life.

The Beauty of Garden Sculptures

There is no specific pattern to the designs of popular garden sculptures. They may be made of stone, brick, ceramics, or plastic. The materials of choice depending on the theme of the garden. Other important factors in determining the materials include their durability, flexibility, and ability to withstand the elements.

A good material selection for a garden sculpture would not only allow for easy maintenance but also would provide the sculptor with a good amount of versatility. Stones, bricks, and ceramics are commonly used, because they are able to withstand the elements, and remain looking nice even in the most demanding situations. While plastic is a good choice if it has a high enough degree of flexibility, it is not very resistant to wear and tear, and tends to fade away in sunlight.

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