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InventHelp is an organization dedicated to demonstrating people how to create their invention into a reality. They encourage inventors to post their inventions for approval and solicit InventHelp evaluations from people who might be interested in that particular product. Many companies then access this potential new product and review whether a market exists for that invention. They then present InventHelp applications to selected buyers, telling them what they are missing, and how InventHelp can help. If the application is accepted, the product will be made available to the public. This is one of the primary services offered by InventHelp.

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There are several ways that InventHelp helps inventors come up with a product idea. The first is through a website, where inventors and customers can come together. On this website, they can discuss their product and brainstorm various ways to market it. They can also share plans of action to create a business plan for launching their new product. Customers can go on InventHelp courses or listen to InventHelp training CDs to learn how to get their product into the market and stay abreast of new information regarding its development.

Other ways that InventHelp services can help those looking to start a new business include connecting them to help during the product’s development. Inventors can attend seminars and tutorials to learn about product management and manufacturing. They can also get help from marketing professionals to promote their product. The organization has a strong presence online and looks to bring in new members on an ongoing basis.

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