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Sponsored Link – A Rare Occurrence In Today’s Market?Sponsored Link – A Rare Occurrence In Today’s Market?

SponsoredLinX Sees Exponential Growth With No Signs Of Slowing a Melbourne Internet Marketing app that is growing rapidly by the day and we have just signed up over 20 new paying customers. This means its growth is going to continue, its one month free trial offer has proved popular because everyone can try before they buy and it’s cost effective, you pay only one month up front for unlimited search and listings on your sponsored listings. That’s why Sponsored LinX are a rarity in today s market place, they promise a lot but always deliver more.

SponsoredLinX Sees Exponential Growth With No Signs Of Slowing – Its growth is going to continue



Our client, the Australian web development company we work for, needed to expand their advertising budget to meet growing demands from clients and so we decided to implement Sponsored LinX. Our SEO Melbourne expert was sceptical at first because he had heard of other companies that had used the Google AdWords program, some were claiming it was a waste of money. However, after creating a new account with LinX we found it wasn’t as bad as we thought, at least not when it came to choosing a keyword and a good keyword to list our site under. Our SEO consultant was very happy with the results once he knew what his keywords were.


So to make a long story short, we decided to give Sponsored LinX a go and found out it works really well with our business. Our SEO consultant hooked us up with our first advertiser who was impressed with how easy it was to list our business. Now we are getting a lot more traffic than usual, which is mainly due to our Sponsored LinX adverts, more people are seeing our website and giving us more online sales. So if you need more targeted adverts or would like to see more online traffic to your site then take a look at Sponsored LinX, you won’t be disappointed!

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