Best Childcare Killara

Traditionally, most families relied on a relative or neighbour to look after their children which enabled them to return to work.

However, in recent years, more and more families are looking outside of their immediate circles to find quality childcare.

Choosing Childcare Killara is a very important decision and can prove to be a very difficult task.  No doubt questions such as ‘Where do I start looking?’, ‘What do I look for?’ and ‘How can I be sure my child will be properly cared for?’ will be asked by Parents / Carers at this time.  There are a variety of childcare options available to Parents / Carers who are wishing to return to work.  The choice of childcare is dependent on each family’s individual circumstances such as the hours being worked, the location of the childcare service as well as own personal preferences.

We have included a brief over view of some options available to Parents / Carers who are looking for care for their child, along with a directory of childcare providers in North Tipperary.

Over the coming years the North Tipperary County Childcare Committee will continue to work with Parents / Carers and childcare providers to create conditions to ensure high quality childcare is accessible to all.

You can contact us at any time if you have any queries in relation to the information on our website or if you simply have a question for our staff team.

All services catering for more than 3 pre-school children (i.e. children under 6 years old who are not attending primary school) are obliged to notify and be inspected by their local Health Board. This applies to sessional services, full-day services, drop-in centres, and childminders minding more than 3 pre-school children.


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