Benefits of a Weight Blanket

A weight blanket, sometimes referred to as a Therafloat, is a specialized bed accessory that helps maintain a healthy posture while sleeping. It provides support for the head and neck and is used to promote proper alignment of the spinal cord. Studies have shown that sleeping on a curved spine can cause problems such as muscle tension, backaches, numbness and even pain. A weighted blanket will alleviate these conditions by providing a gently yet effective weight-reduction and posture-supporting support. Click here –

Benefits of a Weight Blanket

Some blanket brands offer a dual action adjustable blanket feature, which means the weight blanket can be adjusted either on the ends or at the center of the product. According to the sellers, most people do not notice the difference in comfort brought about by a dual action adjustable blanket. Some even claim that their Salazar blankets have saved their lives. Back injuries are a problem that many people suffer from, especially those who work on computer keyboards for long periods of time or spend much of their time sitting on the couch. The manufacturers of the products claim that their products can eliminate back pains caused by improper sitting postures and can help you stand up straight and sit with confidence. Other benefits claimed by users include improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, decreased blood sugar levels, lowered stress levels, increased range of motion and reduction in joint and back stiffness.

Before purchasing a Therafloat, it is necessary that you understand how it works. While the manufacturer recommends hand washing because the device is machine washable, you should handwash it using cold water only and dry your blanket in a cool, dry place. Before putting the blanket in the machine, make sure you read the care instructions included with the product carefully and follow them closely to ensure your satisfaction. If you have questions, you can contact the manufacturer through their toll free number or request a catalog and a representative to answer any questions or address your needs.

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